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New Unlimited ADSL Package

RSAWeb’s latest ADSL internet connectivity package allows business to utilise a more stable connection and some exciting additional features.
The package is aimed at the business market and offers 5 static IP addresses and unlimited traffic. This gives you access to advanced VPN services that are usually asssociated with more permanent leased line connectivity and onsite [...]

Dualphone, Skype free internet calls & cheap international calls

Do you call overseas often? This product is extremely useful and can save you huge amounts of money. You can save up to 95% calling the US and the UK.
Have a look at dualphone and find out more.

Domain registration cost ( reduced

Our domain registration costs have been reduced to R100incVAT in line with the cost reductions from Uniform, the South African domain administrator.
The yearly renewal fee stays at R85incVAT. Get connected with our advanced hosting facilities. Look out for our new packages with more features and our new website, due to be released later this [...]