New Unlimited ADSL Package

RSAWeb’s latest ADSL internet connectivity package allows business to utilise a more stable connection and some exciting additional features.

The package is aimed at the business market and offers 5 static IP addresses and unlimited traffic. This gives you access to advanced VPN services that are usually asssociated with more permanent leased line connectivity and onsite server hosting facilities. RSAWeb is also able to link multiple branches together utilising this service.

RSAWeb Technical Director, Mark Slingsby says, “Our clients will now have access to an improved ADSL service that offers unlimited traffic and more stable static ip addressing allowing us to implement more complex and robust solutions than before.” Other useful facilities include: VoIP services, remote file sharing, remote application access, Microsoft 2003 Webmail with full Calendars, Folders etc as it would appear on your desktop.

Have a look at: Unlimited ADSL for more information.

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