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Google PR Returns

Our beloved green bar is back - will google make a statement about where it went, or will someone venture an opinion worth reading? I’ll try keep you posted - but in the meantime, I’m happy to see it back :)
seochat following…

Trends in the Search Engine Market

Exciting Trends in SEM is Jacqueline Dooley’s take on what the latest and most exciting things coming out of the search engine market are.

“Search engine marketing (SEM) is a fast-moving industry which is subject to the ever-changing algorithms and constantly changing business models of the search engines. I was recently asked to name what I [...]

The Death Of ToolBar PR


Is visual PR dead? You will have noticed that you’re PageRank bar is greyed out, always! The above links are forum discussions on the matter - but I would like to point out that it IS NOT THE DEATH OF PR. If the big G has decided to kill off visual PR [...]

Free Text Link Exchange

This is something that I’ve been asked about before, and wanted to post about before - but simply haven’t had the time. Free link exchange is common knowledge on the internet, its normally messy, full of banners in javascript code that does you no good, and unreliable. Text links are also fast becoming common knowledge [...]

Google Backlink Update

There was a GDPR and BL update over at Google - at last! I find myself constantly waiting for something to update at google. But regardless, its happened - more coverage at SEW.

Yahoo! Free Business Listings

Yahoo! Free Business Listings is an interesting article from SEO chat which talks about one of Yahoo’s new services.

“Yahoo started offering free websites to businesses in late April. However, calling them web sites could be a bit innacurate. In this article Mike McEwan checks out the service briefly and explains how useful these listing [...]

Worthwhile SEO Reads

I recently noticed (thanks to Technorati and WP) that a site was linking to me, namely SEO files. Upon further investigation it would seem this is infact quite a nice site, with a bunch of valuable, fresh links to other SEO bloggers and articles. Its certainly worth checking up on -> SEOfiles.

iBurst is here, wireless broadband internet access

iBurst is here, its wireless broadband internet, with speeds up to 1mb per second. RSAWeb has been appointed to sell iburst throughout South Africa. iBurst is a long range wireless broadband technology that is available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. From only R 469 per month you can be connected to the internet [...]

How fast is fast enough? When will broadband access be fast enough? Do we need all that speed? iBurst has arrived in South Africa

We have come a long way since the beginning of dialup connectivity with our 300bps connection(0.375k/sec) - current broadband connections in South Africa are up to 1MB/s with iBurst or 512k with ADSL. In the UK 8MB/s ADSL is the maximum, France, 20MB/s with ADSL2+ and South Korea even faster!
The internet is constructed out of [...]