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Google to triple search scope

In the latest round of the search-index size contest, Google unveiled an updated index it said is more than three times larger than that of any of its search engine competitors.
“We’re celebrating our seventh birthday…. We had a pretty strong year,” Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said in a phone interview with CNET, as [...]

1MB Business ADSL product launched

Our latest ADSL service, the 1MB/s Business ADSL with 5 static IP’s and unlimited access, has been released.
The facility will give users access to the latest 1MB/second DSL service. Download speed is 1024k and upload speed 256k.
The new facility remains unshaped and uncapped allowing easy use for small corporates running VPN, remote desktop, Microsoft [...]

Beware domain registration scammers

An international criminal group is targeting South African businesses. RSAWeb has fielded many queries from people wanting to know the status of their domain names and if they should be buying their domain from this company.
The modus operandi is to say “We have someone else that wants to buy your domain, if you register it [...]

API’s making life easier

Check this great site with more info on Google/Yahoo/Flickr API

Google Advanced

Have you ever wondered what else Google is good for.
Check out
For more fancy Google Hacks

Skype VoIP being bought by eBay

eBay has agreed to acquire Luxembourg-based Skype Technologies SA, the global Internet communications company, for approximately $2.6 billion in up-front cash and eBay stock, plus potential performance-based consideration.
Skype started in 2002 and has fast become the world’s largest provider of VoIP communication with over 54million users. Skype is current adding over 154000 users per day.
eBay [...]

1MB ADSL is now available

After South Africa’s long wait, 1MB ADSL is now available to customers.
The monthly line rental cost from Telkom is R680incVAT / month. For a 512k (1/2 MB) the line rental is R477incVAT.
Telkom has actually been able to provide this service for a long time, they just chose not to. However the competition in the broadband [...]