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Smash My Ipod

These guys are crazy, take a look at Smash My Ipod. They ask people to donate money, then when they have enough money to buy an ipod, they walk into a store with a video camera, buy an ipod and then smash it in the store.
click here for all the footage….

Who the hell is Steve Jobs?

If you dont know already, Steve Jobs is the only guy to have been sacked from the company he started and then re-hired, allowing this company to produce the most popular music distribution system in the world and the worlds best animation studio. Oh did i forget, his favourite fruit is the apple!
This article better [...]

Brewster Jennings

Hey you Google Mashers out there, this is the best implimentation of the Google Maps API that I have found.
Brewster Jennings is a blast from the past, here is a quote from the website:
Remember playing “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” as a kid? Well now the new game Brewster Jennings Protects America brings [...]

Sugar CRM 4.0

The next release of the open source CRM package Sugar CRM shows serious promise. The introduction of work flow management and process automation will position sugar alongside the big players in the industry.
check out the upcomming release notes for more info on the new features.

Microsoft CRM 3.0

Microsoft have released a beta version to testers of the upcomming CRM 3.0. This throws an interesting spin on web based CRM such as Sales and Sugar CRM, not to mention the usual suspects such as Accpac and Goldmine. A final launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2006.
This seems to be in [...]

Send mail via telnet

This is a simple howto for future reference:
This is an easy way to test if a mail server is configured correctly
Simple manual telnet session with mail host
Uppercase/lowercase does not appear to be significant.
Try this
Telnet to hostname on port 25
HELO your_domain_name or whatever
MAIL (ie, your email address)
RCPT (email address you want to send to)
DATA [...]

Google Base

Googles own database is nearing release, and a few users have caught a glimse of it when it was put up for a few hours recently, check out to see if its up.

Google has briefly commented on Google Base in a statement:
“This is an early-stage test of a product that [...]

Video Ipod

Well, we all expected it, the video ipod is here…
Its slimmer, more beautifull and availible in black!

For more info on how to get videos onto this thing of beauty, have a look at this how to from hack-a-day
For the full run down of all the specs of the new ipod, click here

Google Maps Graduates

It appears that Google’s dynamic, interactive map program, Google Maps, has finally made it out of the labs. Now it has merged with Google Local and has been updated on the homepage. Another great stride in Google’s quest to conquer the internet.” Graduation covered by PC Magazine. From the article: “Now, when you query Google [...]

oregon scientific atc-1000 helmet cam

Oregon Scientific is a pretty staid operation to go up against the likes of skate-god Tony Hawk, but that isn’t stopping them from seeking a niche in the burgeoning helmet cam category; their take on thrashing-it-to-the-max is the ATC-1000, a helmet-mountable digital camcorder/still cam that records dizzying footage of the most jerky kind while you [...]