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Microsoft in response to google launching Google Base, is planning their own DB app, but they have released a beta of their news/online dashboard called, great domain….dont ask how it landed in microsoft’s hands…
What is Windows Live?

Your online world gets better when everything works simply and effortlessly together. That’s the basic idea behind Windows [...]

3d Shooter in a webbrowser

Benjamin Joffe has developed Canvascape - “3D Walker“, a simple javascript browser based 3D first person game engine that shows off the capabilities of the Canvas tag found in Firefox, Safari and Opera. ” Don’t expect much except a proof of concept

Bush meets Albert!

U.S. President George W. Bush shakes hands with ‘Albert Hubo,’ a 54-inch-tall, two-legged robot topped with a head modeled after Albert Einstein as leaders of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum toured South Korea’s

Google’s new London Office

Google just moved into its new London offices, pretty ordinary for a company that billed more than $6.2 Billion in Ad revenue this year…

MSN via Ajax

Messaging clients have always been a little difficult to install in some corporate enviroments, so the logical alternative is to be os independant and not require installation. bring on Web 2.0 and Meebo, an Ajax web messaging client that handles MSN, Yahoo, Jabber , AIM or ICQ. Its still alpha and needs a [...]

Skype Makes Retail Debut in US

Net telephone service Skype Technologies is set to make its first appearance in a U.S. retail store.
Read all about how they have partnered with Radio Shack here.

Googles Plans for Dark Fibre!

What is Dark Fibre? Google certainly thinks its valuable, and this article explains how one internet prophet thinks they might be using all the dark fibre they are buying…
Robert X. Cringely details the plan for all the dark fiber Google has been buying up: “The probable answer lies in one of Google’s underground parking garages [...]

Google Base Released

Google Base has been released today…
The Official Google Blog has the heads up on this venture by the little grren men at Google.
An anonymous reader writes “Google Base has finally launched. According to Google, Google Base enables content owners to easily make their information searchable online. Anyone, from large companies to website owners and individuals, [...]

Online Project Management

Base Camp seems to be the best arround for managing distributed projects. I really like the fact that its hosted and doesnt require any management or installation.
Has a great layout and powerfull features, would be great to merge with Sugar Crm and build a killer app.

Risk Online

It was only a matter of time till board games found their way online. Google mashups have now taken on a whole new meaning with the first real online implimentation of the classic game RISK. Im still waiting for Monopoly or even Cluedo… now those will be cool.
Play the game here.