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WWJD - So whats it gonna be Steve

Apple today announce some more new fun, cool toys. what do you think is going to be released? here is what a few photoshop experts think.

My Favourite: I want one…

Ajax Books

Get your free Ajax Books and Tutorials here. Pretty interesting stuff, not that there is a shortage of great AJAX resources around at the moment.

HTACCESS tutorial

.htaccess files can be a little tricky, but when used by a skilled practitioner, they can do wonderfull things. Hone your skills by reading this Apache .htaccess tutorial.
“.htaccess (Hypertext Access) is the default name of Apache’s directory-level configuration file. It provides the ability to customize configuration directives defined in the main configuration file. The configuration [...]

Clone your Hard Drive

Cloning you hard drive is often ony required when upgrading to a larger hard drive, or replacing a drive that is dying a slow death. Here is the hard drive cloning software that makes the process easy.

Yahoo PHP Dev Network

Yahoo has updated their PHP Developer Network.
“From simple scripts to enterprise-class web applications, PHP is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. This site is your source for information about using PHP with Yahoo! Web Services APIs.

Here you’ll find:

HOWTO Articles to help you understand our technologies [...]

Get a degree from Berkeley, almost

The University of Berkeley, California has release a few of its courses via Podcast. You can now get the feeling of what its like to sit in a classroom at this famous technology university, which is the birth place of many open source giants such as the FreeBSD project. The Bekeley Webcast site is a [...]

Windows Vista Screenshots

Microsoft’s new OS, Windows Vista is being released to a closed community for review, and a few screenshots have circulted the net, check out this gallery of the latest Windows Vista Screenshots.
Still looks boring compared to Gnome 2.12 or Mac OSX, in my opinion.

PHP Gets Dynamic

Get radical with PHP, read this to find out how. A great article by Jack D. Herrington is a senior software engineer with more than 20 years of experience. He’s the author of three books: Code Generation in Action, Podcasting Hacks, and the soon to be released PHP Hacks. He’s also written more than 30 [...]


Ajax doesnt have to be comlicated, so check out TinyAJAX. Its a PHP implimentation that is usefull or simple AJAX elements.
“TinyAjax allows you to:

AJAX enable your pages without having to write a single line of javascript
Call PHP functions in classes or as separate functions, you can even extend TinyAjax by subclassing it
Let your PHP-code set [...]

Build your own Hover Board

Forget about buying a Segway, build your own hover board using a DIY leaf blower.
“Total cost is around £150 - total build time (when you’ve eventually figured out what the hell you’re doing and fielded the questions from the neighbours) about one hour. More info and pictures of Jason’s Hoverboard (and ideas for v2.0 - [...]