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SEO - Google Basics

Understanding how Google ranks and rates your website is anyones guess, but certain basic things are known to help improve your Rank. This little tutorial gives a good overview of what you should know in order to get the basics of optimising any site right.

Track your flight in Google Earth

This is one of the most amazing uses for Google Earth that I have found. You can track any airplanes position in Google Earth, updated every minute. This is quite freaky and seems a little dangerous, if used by the wrong people… but is very entertaining if you have friends and family flying from time [...]

Cebit - Day2

Friday - we are here finally. Cebit Germany is absolutely mind blowing, and bigger than I ever imagined. We started in hall 13 and moved through the communications sections first, and covered about 4 halls, out of about 30 (each hall is about 2 rugby fields in size).
Here are a few pics to set the [...]

BA Screws Up!

Cebit here we come, well almost…
The Cebit crew has just gone through a night of hell, and we are still sitting in Cape Town international airport. Our plane never took off last night, and i am writing this while listening to yet another delay anouncement over the PA system. I took a few pictures to [...]

Ajax Galleries and Slideshows

Max Kiesler has just done a roundup of a few great Ajax image galleries and slideshow effects. They are all downloadable and pretty usefull for anything to do with photos. Max Kiesler and Emily Chang head up Ideacodes, a small consultancy in California, and are doing some interesting stuff with web 2.0. Check out their [...]

Javascript Powerpoint Tutorial

Simon Willison has just posted his notes and powerpoint presentation that he gave at a recent Etech conference. The presentation is all about javascript and is aimed at coders with experience in othe languages, who are interested in learning javascript.
The presentation took 3 hours, so grab a coffee and get comfortable before checking this one [...]

How Flickr started

It seems most of the best ideas happen by mistake. The Flickr story is an interesting one, enough to inspire any small web company to greatness.
“Had we sat down and said, ‘Let’s start a photo application,’ we would have failed,” Fake says. “We would have done all this research and done all the wrong things.”

Google G: drive

Hot on the news of Google releasing their Domain based Gmail, rumours are out that Google is planning to release an online storage platform.
It sounds like a great idea, and with Googles powerfull computing infrastructure, they can definately pull it off, but it still remains to be seen how they will make money off it, [...]

Zend Framework

It seems everyone is jumping on the framework bandwagon, at least Zend have the ability to pull it off…hopefully.
“Zend Framework is a high quality and open source framework for developing Web Applications and Web Services.
Built in the true PHP spirit, the Zend Framework delivers ease-of-use and powerful functionality. It [...]

Command line tutorial

“Who needs a GUI anyway” is what Ben at our office believes. The command line is often a formidable challenge for any Windows lover, but Linux users will have grown to love it. Here are two simple tutorials that explain the power of the command line in both OS’S.
Windows command line tricks.
SSH Linux Tutorial