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Tech Blog Birthday

I cant believe it! 217 quality posts later, and Techblog is 1 year old!!!
Here is what a few of Techblogs celeb friends had to say:
“go shorty, it’s your birthday.” - 50 Cent
“It’s an amazing thing to think that ours is the first generation in history that really can end extreme poverty, the kind that means [...]

Google Updates

Google is at it again, they have released an update to Sketchup, a new 3D modelling app, that looks amazing. here is the scoop:
“Google SketchUp is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program. Using a few simple tools you can create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects-even space ships. You can add details, [...]

Spin the Colour Bottle

Choosing colours for your new Web 2.0 layout is a job best left up to the Pro’s, but if are looking for a colour scheme, why not leave it to chance and use this little flash colour wheel. You can come up with some fun colour combo’s and see what colours work with each other.

More Cheat Sheets

Today, I thought I would make every readers life a lot easier ( I figure all my readers fit into one of these categories). I have a few usefull tools for you.
Techies: All the tools you need on your USB flash disk. This collection will enable you to troubleshoot just about everything.
Developers: Are you using [...]

Google Cheat Sheet

There are many little tools that the average Joe doesnt know even exist inside Google’s infrastructure. Use this Google Cheat Sheet to get the most out of Goolge products and tools. Its pretting interesting to see how their many services are condensed into a 2 page pdf. Talk about viral marketing at its best, if [...]

Ajax Framework Roundup

I’m interested in Ajax for a number of reasons, primarily because it makes users experience of the web so much richer, as well as the neat way that it allows you to code using a framework. There are loads of frameworks out there, and many are pretty bad, but Max Kiesler has done a round [...]

CSS Eye Candy

I found this list of cool CSS menu’s, and thought it was worthy of a post. After reading this you should never have to build a menu of any kind from scratch again.

Google Calendar

Google released their version of an online calendar last week, and pretty much everyone has done a write up on it, so I wont bore you with my version. The real power is however in the Calendar API. You can feed info into the calendar and pull it out using RSS aswell. This opens up [...]

Le Tour de Mac

Ive always wondered how Microsoft could build the Mac Office suite in tandem with their Windows equivalent and yet make it so different. If you have ever played around on Office for Mac, you would know how “Macified” they have made it. In fact it looks as though it was build by Apple themselves. David [...]

Vodacom HSDPA 3G

I am off to Sun City today, and after an early flight we are finally in Jo’burg. The bus trip is a 2 hour trek that normally would be a complete waste of time, but not today… we have just got our HSDPA 1.8mb/s demo cards, so I tried to give it a bash on [...]