Vodacom HSDPA 3G

I am off to Sun City today, and after an early flight we are finally in Jo’burg. The bus trip is a 2 hour trek that normally would be a complete waste of time, but not today… we have just got our HSDPA 1.8mb/s demo cards, so I tried to give it a bash on the bus. To my amazement im still connected 40 minutes later in the middle of nowhere while travelling at 100km/h. This is true mobility!

Installation is easy and the software hasnt changed from the original 3g edition, but it does say connected at 1.8mb/s when you connect which is cool. True download speed varies and my best speed test revealed a 1 mb/s connection. I think the Vodacom network still needs to catch up with the cards capabilities, but its definately faster than the 384k maximum on the old 3g.

Im still connected! (sorry I just have to mention this again) we are now travelling through farm lands and although im only getting GPRS speed, the handover from base stations seems good and my connection still hasnt dropped once.

Picture 004.jpg Picture 0021.jpg Picture 005.jpg

Ok, so we have dropped our connection now, but there are cows crossing the road and the landscape looks like were on the moon, so cant expect Vodacom to get signal everywhere.

Verdict: Good 4/5 stars, great for mobile connectivity and while driving. Price a little expensive, but cant bitch at 1.8mb/s throughput.

Where can I get it, from RSAWeb obviously…

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  1. [...] MTN: South African Mobile Telephone Network Provider, HSPDA: The new form of internet connecitvity avaliable through some mobile networks, 14Mbps: A very fast internet connection. There has been much talk about the new HSPDA service avaliable from Vodacom. Vodacom boasts speeds of up to 1.8mb/s. For all you foreigners, in South Africa thats pretty fast, quite a bit faster than our ADSL (our broadband internet) options. Sad, but true. The beauty of it that though, is that unlike wireless internet providers, like iBurst, you are connected anywhere you have cellphone signal. You are by no means restricted to the limited reception areas of wireless internet providers. See Techblog for a good example of the benefits of Vodacom HSDPA. [...]

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