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Design Inspiration

Writers get writers block, designers get stale and developers get lazy. If you are feeling uninspired, check out Screenblog. Its a handpicked selection of 3627 (and counting) website screenshots. Its great for inspiration and layout examples.

How to Wheelie an Airbus

A Varig airlines cargo plane from Brazil sits parked at the Mexico City airport with its nose up in the air after the cargo was unevenly distributed on Wednesday April 12, 2006.  Gotta suck being the pilot, when your airline is already almost bankrupt and this happends.

Google Maps gets clearer

Google maps last week issued an update that made the rosolution far clearer on pretty much everything, taking the image quality to similar standards as Google Earth. The notorious white cloud has gone, leaving Cape Town exposed, so I thought I’d highlight a few sights.
RSAWeb Offices
Robben Island Close Up
Clifton 4th Beach
V & A Waterfront
Newlands Cricket [...]

More on Ajax Frameworks

Seems Frameworks are the way people are moving with Ajax, and everyone wants to try their hand at bundling various usefull tools together.
Zephyr is the name of the main ski lift at Winter Park in Denver, where i skied last year incidently, but thats not the reason why im profiling it. It is also a [...]

Pit Bikes

These guys in SA are selling these really cool miniture dirt bikes. They are street legal 125 bikes with a kick. Small wheels but look like loads of fun. The company sells powerboards aswell, which are basically skateboards on steriods! I want one…

124cc 4-stroke [...]

Why Prototype?

Good question! here’s the answer….
Well, cant just leave this post hanging like this ( would be my shortest post ever) so I found a great article pumping up PHP, explaing’s architecture and infrastructure. Its a pretty cheap setup that handles 200 million page views per month!
Loads of good stuff in there about PHP acceleration [...]

Google Organizes the World

I have always been amazed with what Google gets away with. I mean take a look at their Mission of “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” or their anthem of ” Do no evil”, it does’nt fly with what I learned in Marketing 101 regarding mission statements or company [...]

AJAX File Browser

I have been on the search to find one of these for a while and was tempted to build one using this great little AJAX upload function, when I stumbled upon FileNice. Its a simple file browser with little Ajax niceties like progress swirls and image/code previews. You can see a demo of FileNice here.

Uber-uploader [...]

CSS Rocks!

I am hearing so much talk about AJAX these days that the simple coding tools such as CSS often get overlooked. Check out these cool CSS graphs. You can also use CSS to enhance your AJAX apps using CSS to manage behaviours, check the demo here.
For anyone new to the power of CSS, checkout the [...]

Techblog Toolbar

I have just created a cool free toolbar for all techblog lovers.
Just a bit of fun, the toolbar includes a weather report, techblog rss feed, email notifier and google search
Click here to get it.