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Who Links to Who

This amazing website maps the Google “related links” in a graphical format to show you who links to you, and who you really link too. Its interesting if only for food for thought… check Techblog here and try your own website for a litle fun.
PS. If you read this link back and see how long [...]

PHP 5 benchmarks

PHP 5 requires a bit of a mindset change as you move into a more object orientated approach, but has anyone ever done benchmarks on which loops/random code etc! Well now some one has, check the PHP5 benchmark here, and never code in the dark again.
Another cool JS effect that is taking the web 2.0 [...]

How to rip DVD’s

Before I qualify this statement, let me just say that one would only need this tutorial to make personal backups of legally purchased DVD’s, Right!
Well I recently did need to make a copy of a DVD (Dont worry it was my Wedding DVD, so no legal issues) and found this tutorial helpfull. Obviously you lose [...]

JavaScript in Motion

Ive been spending a bit of time researching cool Javascript ways of making the web more accesible. Desktop apps have lost their appeal for me, so trying to do things that are easy on a desktop app, on the web is what ive been looking at.
First, I found this cool image uploader that builds on [...]

Skype Wifi Phone

Adrian from Even Flow has just droppped by my desk and handed me the new Edge-Core Skype Wifi Phone. The phone looks awesome and my first impression is that its a winner.
The phone uses the Skype UI and impliments a scaled down version of the desktop Skype software. The phone picks up most wifi networks [...]

PHP Reloaded

Everyone is on about the big CSS Reboot that happened on the 1st of May, so I thought I would give PHP a reboot.
Today CakePHP was released, and it looks like quite a good framework to get in bed with. Lets hope they have turned out a good first product (I wouldnt expect anything less [...]