Skype Wifi Phone

Adrian from Even Flow has just droppped by my desk and handed me the new Edge-Core Skype Wifi Phone. The phone looks awesome and my first impression is that its a winner.

The phone uses the Skype UI and impliments a scaled down version of the desktop Skype software. The phone picks up most wifi networks and supports WEP encryption. Sound quality seems good and the range adequate.

The phone will be launched in South Africa at Futurex in Johannesburg in 2 weeks time, with a live demo available at the Even Flow Distribution stand. Here are a few initial pics of the phone. I will give the phone a full test tonight from home and see if its good enough to replace my Dualphone as my default skype handset.

Edge Core 5 (Small).JPG

Edge Core 2 (Small).JPGEdge Core 3 (Small).JPGEdge Core 6 (Small).JPGEdge Core 4 (Small)1.JPG

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