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Ajax Directory Manager

Whew, Its amazing how good your Blog can be as a stress level monitor! The more posts per week - the less busy/stressed I am. So this week has been pretty busy….
But this little Ajax gem just had to be shared, its the first Beta release of Chris Iufer’s Relay Ajax Directory Browser. [...]

Geek Scarves

Classic, every coder/psp-lover should put these on their Christmas list. Else ask Gran to knit one for you.

[see Joe Malia's other creations]

Paper Je(t)di

This is one of the best origami i have seen, looks difficult but really well documented, so no excuses!
Anyone interested in attempting this one, please let me know how you go. I will post my finished Yoda on Monday, and there will be a competition for the best looking one (prize to be announced in [...]

So Short

Today is the Shortest Day of the Year, and this is the shortest post on my blog…

Why have a company website?

We all know our company should have a website, and for most small businesses our own website is a second thought, but it could be the cheapest form of advertising we can find. Time is money, but other peoples time is often less effective and more costly. There is always an opportunity cost when time [...]

Amnesty Int gets to the point

I came accross this amazing Amnesty International Ad campaign, that I tought was worthwhile sharing. here is the scoop:
“Amnesty International in Switzerland broke a new outdoor campaign May 29th that was created by Walker Werbeagentur Zuerich. The campaign uses the tagline “It’s not happening here but it’s happening now”, in various languages, from French to [...]

I hate Speed Cams

Im sure no one likes them, and I recently got cought doing 84km/h in a 60 km/h zone and it cost me 300 bucks, so I was particularly pleased when i saw these photo’s. It seems people in the UK hate speed cameras more than we do, take a look at these photos that will [...]

Prototype Windows

This one is pretty hot. Using Prototype library and some scriptaculous effects you can create windows above your web page. These example are amazing, and the code simple. You can even move/resize and close the windows like you would a normal OS window. The examples all have the mac look, but im sure you could [...]

Gmail Hosted

Yesterday Techblog was approved for a gmail hosted domain account, so now I can issue 25 free email accounts….Pretty cool, have a look at the login page. The interface for administration is simple but effecting and all you need to do is point the domain MX record to googles servers and away you go. [...]