Why have a company website?

We all know our company should have a website, and for most small businesses our own website is a second thought, but it could be the cheapest form of advertising we can find. Time is money, but other peoples time is often less effective and more costly. There is always an opportunity cost when time is involved, but spending time on ones own company website and promoting it is vital, especially for web companies!

So, why is a plumbers toilet always broken? why dont we devote as much time to building our business as we do to building our clients. I think the answer lies in the misconception that paid work is more important than internal work.

We also get drawn into becomming too operational and lose sight of the biggest picture - to grow our own business above all else!

A great man once said: ” Are you spending enough time working ON the business, or are you working in the business full time”

I have been thinking about these to paradymes for a while and was refreshed to read this article on self promotion and using the web as a promotion tool.

This tip stood out and it shows how imperative it is for young, web based companies not to lose focus and remain true to themselves. If you are giving all the time to other peoples cause it is important in a way to be selfish and invest in yourself from time to time. And if you are reading this article you are just the person to be doing it.

Go on, treat yourself…

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