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Pleo Robotic Pet

Your cat may soon be replaced by a dinosaur, Yes you heard me, replaced by a robotic dinosaur. The Pleo is a little robot pet that is capable of emotions that allow personal engagement. Forget about Barbie and GI JOE, this is the real thing. It will react to its surroundings and respond to your [...]

Google Analytics for everyone

Google seem to have overcome their scaling issues and have opened up Google Analytics to everyone. Just pop on over to Google Analytics, read the instructions and login with your gmail details. Now every site can be tracked…
With profiles being free you can monitor so much more, no longer having to only monitor your most [...]

My Spelling Sux

If you havent noticed, yours does too…
I always seem to type/spell posts inkorektlee which forced me to scour the internet for an inline Ajax spell checker. I’ve seen them before but never investigated any further.
During my journey to the holy grail of spelling I stumbled apon a workpress spell checker that seems quite good. Im [...]

Do the Double Travis

This weekend I was glued to ESPN watching the X-Games. It was one of the best yet!
Travis Pastrana take a bow, you the man…anyone not believe me check the Double Backflip!
Kevin Robinson’s double flair on a BMX is also pretty amazing, but doesnt compare in comparision to doing 2 backflips with an engine between your [...]

More SEO Videos

Go Matt Go! more of the same great google seo goodness, see my previous post for the first six videos.
Session 7:
- Does Google Analytics play a part in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)?
- When does Google detect duplicate content, and how wide is the range?
Session 8: Google Terminology
- What’s the difference between an index update, [...]

Verballs Skype Toy

I have been testing a lot of Skype Hardware recently, including the new WiFi Skype Phone from Edge Core.
Today, I got my hands on a verball! Its a Skype Speakerphone aimed at kids (or the young at heart) that performs pretty well. I got the MR V character and he is a lot of [...]