Living it up

Well I cant believe my luck. Im with my wife on her business trip to Phuket, Thailand and we are staying up in the most amazing resort. We are staying at Sri Panwa, which is on the southern tip of Phuket and is absolutely stunning. While Ash has been working, Ive been relaxing in our own personal Villa, Yes our own (as in all to ourselves) beautifull Villa, with its own pool/ outdoor bath and shower, etc, etc Ill post more photo’s later but here are a few…

It cant actually be described in words. Wan (the owner’s son) a young Thai guy who is pationate about marketing the resort, has done a great job, so I thought id help him with some more positive PR. Check out their website, gives you a great feel for the place…
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  1. Comment by rafiq | 09/16/06 at 3:13 pm

    :) enjoy the quality time.

  2. Comment by Clint E. | 01/03/07 at 1:13 am

    Sorry I know this is off topic, but has anyone seen 2007’s biggest loser? This guy expects everyone to send him a dollar to make him a millionaire when he clearly says he won’t get a job because they pay too little,lol. His site is and he also has some youtube videos up. Some people amaze me!

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