Strand Street has moved

I have been doing a little research into Google Maps & Mashups, and trying to find an easy way of using maps without coding a singe line.  I found an interesting mashup called Tinymap, which allows you to build your own map, with waypoints, distance and notes.

While playing around, I noticed that the Data for Cape Town is quite badly implimented and many roads have misteriously moved! This made me think, I know that Google is very seldom wrong, and South Africa has recently changed many of its Airports and City names (JHB International and Pretoria), maybe we have moved some of our roads around aswell…

Take a look at this map made using Tinymap and see how Strand Street in Cape Town has misteriously moved to where Riebeek Street used to be.

For the “ultimate guide” to using Goolge Maps, checkout Google Maps Mania blog.

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