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Pleo Robotic Pet

Your cat may soon be replaced by a dinosaur, Yes you heard me, replaced by a robotic dinosaur. The Pleo is a little robot pet that is capable of emotions that allow personal engagement. Forget about Barbie and GI JOE, this is the real thing. It will react to its surroundings and respond to your [...]

Verballs Skype Toy

I have been testing a lot of Skype Hardware recently, including the new WiFi Skype Phone from Edge Core.
Today, I got my hands on a verball! Its a Skype Speakerphone aimed at kids (or the young at heart) that performs pretty well. I got the MR V character and he is a lot of [...]

DSTV Mobile

Today I got my hands on a beta version of the DSTV Mobile phone. This awesome little piece of hardware manufactured by Sagem called the myMobile TV integrates a full featured GSM phone with TV Capabilities. The phone capabilities are pretty good and the menu structure reminds me of the Sony Ericsson interface. The TV [...]

Pit Bikes

These guys in SA are selling these really cool miniture dirt bikes. They are street legal 125 bikes with a kick. Small wheels but look like loads of fun. The company sells powerboards aswell, which are basically skateboards on steriods! I want one…

124cc 4-stroke [...]

Da Party!!!

Ricky is one of the crazy people who we work with, and he has moved into a new apartment in Cape Town.
Da Party is on Da roof, so if your in Da Aria, come an Check Dis Out!

Google Base

Googles own database is nearing release, and a few users have caught a glimse of it when it was put up for a few hours recently, check out to see if its up.

Google has briefly commented on Google Base in a statement:
“This is an early-stage test of a product that [...]

Google Maps Graduates

It appears that Google’s dynamic, interactive map program, Google Maps, has finally made it out of the labs. Now it has merged with Google Local and has been updated on the homepage. Another great stride in Google’s quest to conquer the internet.” Graduation covered by PC Magazine. From the article: “Now, when you query Google [...]

oregon scientific atc-1000 helmet cam

Oregon Scientific is a pretty staid operation to go up against the likes of skate-god Tony Hawk, but that isn’t stopping them from seeking a niche in the burgeoning helmet cam category; their take on thrashing-it-to-the-max is the ATC-1000, a helmet-mountable digital camcorder/still cam that records dizzying footage of the most jerky kind while you [...]

Intel Goes Cheap too

BANGALORE, India (AFP) - The world’s largest chipmaker Intel has designed a low-cost community personal computer for India’s vast rural market to be launched by December, a top company official said.
Though Intel has yet to announce the price of the computer, it was expected to cost less than 10,000 rupees (220 dollars) and was aimed [...]

Mobile floor Crossing

It is official. About nine months from now, consumers will be able to switch between operators while keeping their telephone numbers.
This comes with the publication of regulations around number portability published in the government gazette.
Cell C, the smallest of the three mobile operators, and widely touted as possibly the biggest beneficiary of number [...]