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1MB Business ADSL product launched

Our latest ADSL service, the 1MB/s Business ADSL with 5 static IP’s and unlimited access, has been released.
The facility will give users access to the latest 1MB/second DSL service. Download speed is 1024k and upload speed 256k.
The new facility remains unshaped and uncapped allowing easy use for small corporates running VPN, remote desktop, Microsoft [...]

Beware domain registration scammers

An international criminal group is targeting South African businesses. RSAWeb has fielded many queries from people wanting to know the status of their domain names and if they should be buying their domain from this company.
The modus operandi is to say “We have someone else that wants to buy your domain, if you register it [...]

API’s making life easier

Check this great site with more info on Google/Yahoo/Flickr API

Google Advanced

Have you ever wondered what else Google is good for.
Check out
For more fancy Google Hacks

Microsoft releases new Windows name - Vista

Today Microsoft Corp. announced the official name of its next-generation Windows� client operating system, formerly code-named Longhorn. Windows Vista is its name and we will probably hear a lot about this name over the next eight years.
The next version of windows that Microsoft has been working has received its official name. “Windows Vista” has been [...]

Datacenter Upgrade progressing smoothly

RSAWeb’s latest datacenter upgrade phase has been completed, an additional 10MB/s increase of bandwidth and larger UPS power by General Electric to handle increased server load.
“As part of our continuous upgrade procedure due to ever increasing demand for more traffic and web hosting space, our policy is to be a few steps ahead of this [...]

Even Flow launches online VoIP supply website.

Even Flow Trade, the company that bought you the first ever 2-in-1 VoIP/PSTN cordless Dualphone, recently launched the website

How to fix SA’s telecoms problems

By Ana Monterio - Moneyweb
A number of studies show that South Africans are required to fork out more than their foreign counterparts to make telephone calls and surf the Internet. Government has reacted through reviewing its policy and the legislation governing the sector. Some changes, however, such as legalising carrying voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), [...]

ICASA chairman suspends 12 on first day on the job

Article by Ana Monteiro -
The Democratic Alliance says the newly appointed head of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa), Paris Mashile, suspended �a total of at least 12 staff members�, on his first day in his new position.
The suspended employees proposed the appointment of former Icasa councillor Gerard Petrick to fill the [...]

iBurst News Update

Web Hosting News, iburst News, ADSL News, Network Status
The fast uptake of RSAWeb iBurst Wireless Internet Access has been exciting. iBurst South Africa didn’t forsee such demand as ran out of modems 3 weeks ago! RSAWeb managed to secure a whole shipment of modems so we have enough stock for another month. Joburg coverage is [...]