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Google Analytics for everyone

Google seem to have overcome their scaling issues and have opened up Google Analytics to everyone. Just pop on over to Google Analytics, read the instructions and login with your gmail details. Now every site can be tracked…
With profiles being free you can monitor so much more, no longer having to only monitor your most [...]

More SEO Videos

Go Matt Go! more of the same great google seo goodness, see my previous post for the first six videos.
Session 7:
- Does Google Analytics play a part in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)?
- When does Google detect duplicate content, and how wide is the range?
Session 8: Google Terminology
- What’s the difference between an index update, [...]

Seo Videos

Matt Cutts, Google employee, SEO guru has posted some home movies about SEO.
Not quite as interesting as Paris Hiltons home videos, but safer to watch around the office!
He talks about questions users have posed to him around SEO, Why and How:

Session 1: Including qualities of a good site.
Session 2: Including some SEO Myths.
Session 3: Should [...]

Why have a company website?

We all know our company should have a website, and for most small businesses our own website is a second thought, but it could be the cheapest form of advertising we can find. Time is money, but other peoples time is often less effective and more costly. There is always an opportunity cost when time [...]

Google Cheat Sheet

There are many little tools that the average Joe doesnt know even exist inside Google’s infrastructure. Use this Google Cheat Sheet to get the most out of Goolge products and tools. Its pretting interesting to see how their many services are condensed into a 2 page pdf. Talk about viral marketing at its best, if [...]

Why Submit your site to Directories

This little Internet Directory overview, profiles DMOZ and Yahoo and shows you how to get your website crawled by google quickly. Its a pretty good overview of how the 2 directories are run and shows you how easy it is to get listed.

VoIP What is the Problem? - Self SEO

VoIP What is the Problem? - Self SEO
In the beginning, when the Internet Protocol was first designed, no one was thinking about the possibilities of sending audio and video. Real time communication was not an issue.
Perhaps the greatest single problem is that the Internet Protocol (the IP part of VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol) [...]

How to get your SITE syndicated

By Kalena Jordan and Dan Thies
3 December 2002
[Kalena] Following our successful experiment of setting up a news feed for my site, search engine marketer Dan Thies and I have joined forces to write this article to show other webmasters how they can do the same for their own sites.
But before we [...]

Getting More Traffic To Your Blog

Getting More Traffic is a well written article by 5 star SEOchat writer Wayne Hurlbert.

“Still waiting to see your visitor traffic to your business blog increase? There are a number of things you can do to help it along, from getting your blog listed in online blog directories to old-fashioned offline networking. Wayne Hurlbert [...]

Help Google Index Your Blog

WP SiteMap Generator is a tool for WordPress users to create a sitemap for google’s new sitemap feature thats getting great reviews. Its always good to have a sitemap :)
Addition: Sidney has just informed me of this : remixed version with more features!