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Property in South Africa

Nominal house price growth of 15.5 percent year-on-year was recorded in April from a revised 15.7 percent in March, according to the latest Absa House Price Index. This brings the average price of a house in the survey to R911 800 in April 2007.
My mate Chris sent me the following and since he liked [...]

Web Migration and Sitemaps

2 weeks ago we moved one of our websites between 2 servers and migrated all of the content to a new domain name. We needed to do this fairly quickly and were pretty worried that all our hard earned SEO work would go out of the window along with the backlinks we had created. Amazingly [...]

Geek Peep Show

Best Buy in the US has a Tech Support Service called “Geek Squad”, they offer a fairly generic outsourced IT service similar to any other install/repair company. I have used them before while in The US and they always seemed pretty clued up and helpfull. Some of them however changed from being ‘helpfull’ to ‘helping [...]

Strand Street has moved

I have been doing a little research into Google Maps & Mashups, and trying to find an easy way of using maps without coding a singe line.  I found an interesting mashup called Tinymap, which allows you to build your own map, with waypoints, distance and notes.
While playing around, I noticed that the Data for [...]

Living it up

Well I cant believe my luck. Im with my wife on her business trip to Phuket, Thailand and we are staying up in the most amazing resort. We are staying at Sri Panwa, which is on the southern tip of Phuket and is absolutely stunning. While Ash has been working, Ive been relaxing in our [...]

White Wall Web wins TT100

Well done Guys. Cape based development house White Wall Web has taken the Technology Top 100 crown in the emerging category. Read all about it at ItWeb and in the Financial Mail this month
Here is what some of their fans are saying:

Update: Ok, these girls are pretty excited about the news aswell….

Pleo Robotic Pet

Your cat may soon be replaced by a dinosaur, Yes you heard me, replaced by a robotic dinosaur. The Pleo is a little robot pet that is capable of emotions that allow personal engagement. Forget about Barbie and GI JOE, this is the real thing. It will react to its surroundings and respond to your [...]

My Spelling Sux

If you havent noticed, yours does too…
I always seem to type/spell posts inkorektlee which forced me to scour the internet for an inline Ajax spell checker. I’ve seen them before but never investigated any further.
During my journey to the holy grail of spelling I stumbled apon a workpress spell checker that seems quite good. Im [...]

Do the Double Travis

This weekend I was glued to ESPN watching the X-Games. It was one of the best yet!
Travis Pastrana take a bow, you the man…anyone not believe me check the Double Backflip!
Kevin Robinson’s double flair on a BMX is also pretty amazing, but doesnt compare in comparision to doing 2 backflips with an engine between your [...]

Why I Blog

I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from blogging over the past three weeks and I have to say I’ve missed it. The question I was pondering was “Why Blog”. Am I just an egotistical self-publicist trying to impose my ideals on the world? Maybe. hopefully not…
So, I guess I did a bit of Soul [...]