More SEO Videos

Go Matt Go! more of the same great google seo goodness, see my previous post for the first six videos.
Session 7:
- Does Google Analytics play a part in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)?
- When does Google detect duplicate content, and how wide is the range?

Session 8: Google Terminology
- What’s the difference between an index update, an algorithm update, and a data refresh?
- I also discuss these definitions in terms of June/July 27th as much as I can.


Session 9: All about datacenters (and find out about werewolves vs. unicorns!)
- Can you tell us a little bit about Google datacenters?
- Should all datacenters on the same Class C block be roughly the same?

Session 10: Lightning Round!
- Is it possible to search just for home pages?
- News Flash: you can use strong and em instead of bold (b) and italics (i) !
- Will we ever see kitty posts again?
- What are Google SSD, Google RS2, and all those other things Tony Ruscoe found?
- Does Google rank blog sites any differently than regular websites?
- Does Google treat links with the same weight as regular .gov links?

Verballs Skype Toy

I have been testing a lot of Skype Hardware recently, including the new WiFi Skype Phone from Edge Core.

Today, I got my hands on a verball! Its a Skype Speakerphone aimed at kids (or the young at heart) that performs pretty well. I got the MR V character and he is a lot of fun. When a Skype call comes in his ears flash, he waves his arms, and his mouth moves. The best part is that the audio is actually pretty good and it is a great office speakerphone.
Great little gimmic that makes skype fun, gets 4/5 from me for funky design and usefullness.

Seo Videos

Matt Cutts, Google employee, SEO guru has posted some home movies about SEO.

Not quite as interesting as Paris Hiltons home videos, but safer to watch around the office!

He talks about questions users have posed to him around SEO, Why and How:

UPDATE: Matt posted some new video’s today, check them out:

Session 4: Static vs. Dynamic urls, Geotargeting
Session 5: Merging acquired domains with 301s, Site architecture
Session 6: All about Supplemental Results

Why I Blog

I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from blogging over the past three weeks and I have to say I’ve missed it. The question I was pondering was “Why Blog”. Am I just an egotistical self-publicist trying to impose my ideals on the world? Maybe. hopefully not…

So, I guess I did a bit of Soul searching around the whole idea of blogging.

I guess the answer I came up with was: If I dont tell my story and share my experiences with the world then what’s the point of doing this thing called life. Hell, if I find/do something and it could be helpfull or interesting to my friends, why not share it and let them decide if they want to use it.

If you dont put it out there, how you ever gonna influence anyone or anything! kinda like the quote from Waynes World - “If you book them they will come

So, what have I been doing the last 2 weeks? To sum it up in one word ‘Snow’. Yes Cape Town had snow last weekend and we managed to find it. Very little of it, but still SNOW!

We made the trek out to Ceres last weekend in 2 trusty Landy’s in order to experience the wonders of frozen water. It was a 3 hour drive and it seemed that everyone else in Cape Town also had the same idea. This was my first ‘Cape Town Snow’ experience and although not a true snow virgin ( I have skied 3 times before in the USA) it was still fun to experience it in my own back yard. Visiting the snow in Ceres is for every Capetonian a right of passage and a pilgrimage like this validates your status as a true Capetonian (for all those born in Gauteng, this is one of the ways you can assimilate into Capetonian culture, although it does’nt give you ownership status).

Anyway here are some of the photo’s I took with my phone.

All Blacks and their bags

Every South African loves to mock th NZ All Blacks and it would seem the Ozzies do too. Check out this classic commercial that has everyone in NZ up in arms. It shows the All Blacks doing their traditional ‘haka’ with superimposed handbags over their shoulders. Typical of the Ozzies to do this when their team doesnt stand much chance on the field… Im not even going to comment on SA’s prospects but atleast our AD agencies know where to draw the line.

DSTV Mobile

Today I got my hands on a beta version of the DSTV Mobile phone. This awesome little piece of hardware manufactured by Sagem called the myMobile TV integrates a full featured GSM phone with TV Capabilities. The phone capabilities are pretty good and the menu structure reminds me of the Sony Ericsson interface. The TV functionality is where the real power in this phone lies, and the screen quality is amazing. You can currently watch 12 DSTV channels in full colour/ full sound quality, and I’m sure they plan to open up more channels on release. I watched the dramatic fall of Brazil on this baby and have posted some pics here.

This technology is really going to change the way we percieve TV and the distribution model that DSTV chooses for this service is going to be really interesting. The phone that I tested came with a CellC sim card and that may hint as to who they will partner with in order to deliver the service. I dont think they will be exclusive when choosing a mobile service provider and may partner with all providers in order to maximise their exposure and grab as much market share before other providers launch competing services.

It does beg the question though, Is DSTV thinking about launching an MVNO? Possibly partnering with CellC in the same way Virgin have…

Ajax Directory Manager

Whew, Its amazing how good your Blog can be as a stress level monitor! The more posts per week - the less busy/stressed I am. So this week has been pretty busy….

But this little Ajax gem just had to be shared, its the first Beta release of Chris Iufer’s Relay Ajax Directory Browser. The interface is pretty intuitive although the shopping cart concept for downloading files takes a little getting used to.

The features include:

  • drag-n-drop files and folders
  • dynamic loading file structure
  • upload progress bar
  • thumbnail view, including pdf
  • multiple users & accounts

Check out the Demo here.

Geek Scarves

Classic, every coder/psp-lover should put these on their Christmas list. Else ask Gran to knit one for you.

[see Joe Malia's other creations]

Paper Je(t)di

This is one of the best origami i have seen, looks difficult but really well documented, so no excuses!

Anyone interested in attempting this one, please let me know how you go. I will post my finished Yoda on Monday, and there will be a competition for the best looking one (prize to be announced in due course). You can download the instructions here.
Warning: this will waste a lot of your time and cause much frustration…


So Short

Today is the Shortest Day of the Year, and this is the shortest post on my blog…